Publications and Applications : Decisions and thoughts

Its August 1 today and after a 8-day long wait, the CommonApp is finally responding and the applications for undergraduate studies have finally begun. I had to wait a long time ( 8 long days of anticipation ) to see the website opening and showing me the list of colleges that I was interested in before the application had stopped a few days ago. My list reads Stanford, Trinity, NYU, Howard and three more.

I started adding words on this journal after almost an hour. I was busy preparing snacks and making coffee. I talked to one senior and Trinity Alumni and after his suggestions and ideas, I’ve decided to focus more on what I have always wanted to do i.e. Writing . I will give continuation to my old hobby and will start writing for national newspapers and some international ones ,not primarily for the sake of impressing colleges. I know showing off won’t help me in this because what I write has to be genuine and good to be published in such papers and magazines. I will just try to improve my skills, give continuity to writing and also keep studying my Economics course. I was crazy enough to apply for the examination of subject that I had interest on with no specific knowledge on the subject matter.

I’m giving Economics ( A Level ) in this Oct-Nov CIE examinations and all I know as of now is the basic concept of economics, scarcity, demand and supply and opportunity cost. There’s a long way to go and I have 60 days to master this subject. I’m also going to study economics in my undergrad and I don’t want the interest to disappear. I want to be a really good economist and help in solving the problems in my country after I’m done with my studies, which I know won’t end till my death.

For now, the focus in on economics studies and publications in magazines. I also need to worry about SAT scores because they matter the most when I apply for the financial aid. I’m determined to apply for full-aid scholarship and won’t start my college until I get it.

And yes, the CommonApp is working now and those who want to  pursue undergraduate studies in the States should start with their application now. The earlier one applies, the more chances he/she has to get better than the rest.



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