Economics was a wise decision

C’mon, who doesn’t like money? That being said, who possibly wouldn’t like to study about money and how to earn it and efficiently manage it. That’s the prime concern of majority of those who want to study economics in their high school and/or college. For most of the people, Economics is money and how to manage it. For me, it was something else. Economics was a subject of interest to me for the power it had and the willingness I had to get to learn more on how the markets function and how effective plans and decisions are made. I chose Economics because a 10-5 job certainly won’t do anything good for me in years to come and the country really needs to function properly.

Its been about a month that the interest has been a subject for my examination. I chose to apply for the never-studied subject in place of Physics, which I had observed since the past couple of years. Turns out, the decision I made in that bus was worthy. Turns out the hardship and the added course load will matter a lot in coming years.

In these weeks I’ve been studying the subject, I’m learning the market, its types and characters. Just now, I learnt about the travel time saving and an extra research lead me to the key factors behind determining my rates if I were to keep it in monetary units. In these days, I have learnt that economics is not just about money. Everything that’s happening, economics has something to add to it. Resources are scarce and when they are so, economics is always pointing a finger. Me, writing this blog post, have things to do with economics as my time is limited to 24 hours a day and I need to sleep enough too to function properly for the next day.

There are a lot of things going on and everything where there is a limitation to the availability of resource, economics has something to tell. I’m learning more about the government, the works of economists and how they have helped reshape the globe and led to efficiency and better lives. I am learning a lot and every day, there’s something new to look about. That’s what is fascinating me the most these days. The subject is new to me and there are millions of things I still have to look forward to. I’ll definitely study economics in my college and I have planned to focus on the study political and governmental economics. The country I live in is in trouble and I want to do all from my side to make it a better place to live in. Now, I have a motto in life and I know I will do something.


Hospitals, who likes them?

Life, for all, is not easy. You don’t get to see the real world and the problem people have unless you to the places they prevail. The 1 like = 1 prayer posts in Facebook aren’t going to let you know the pain people have. Those likes buttons you click aren’t going to do anything for the pity one in the picture and you won’t know the pain in life seeing that picture. To learn about life, one needs to have a great deal of experience with it and sometimes, you are already in the edge. Life is unpredictable, as I have seen in these three night I had to spend at the Tribhuwan University Teaching Hospital.

Three days back, my uncle arrived Kathmandu on a Tata Sumo. He had liver problems caused by alcohol and my brothers were doing all they can since a few years past to get him rid of the habit. Their dedication never worked. He never was willing to stop drinking and even after knowing that he’s near the age and might slip off if he doesn’t stop drinking, he never did. The day he reached Kathmandu, he was barely speaking and couldn’t even walk properly. My cousin went to receive him and seeing his condition, hospital was the only place to go that day. My cousin brother admitted his father in the Tribhuwan University Teaching Hospital and immediately after getting the news, I rushed to its doors.

I never had clear memories of being in the hospital. I was never admitted and nor were any member of my family previously. I wish they live long, I just wish they cross the century mark. I never even encountered a person who had to spend months in hospital due to illness and body disorders. I was glad that I didn’t have to. Hospitals, I just hate them. Who doesn’t? Who likes to be sleeping in the floor watching the drop of blood in the bottle? Who wants to be in the steel bed where hundreds have already laid. This was my first recallable memory of the hospital  and the things I saw there, I think Buddha was no fool to leave his palace and go for the search of cures. Had I been in his place, I would have done the same.

Just in a few hours, I saw a paralysed person, a girl of my age with completely damaged kidneys, a girl slightly older than me with kidney problem so intense that her voice is possible shut for lifetime. C’mon, how are the kidneys and vocal related. That seems like I’m making things up. Well, I don’t care what you think. I saw a person with nothing but bones in the body but an inflated stomach. My cousin Atish has the largest stomach due to obesity. The patient I saw there, his belly was at least two times bigger than that and his hands were almost a third in size of mine. Believe me, I’m really thin. This guy in the hospital, he is the thinnest person I’ve ever seen. That’s not all, there was a boy who looked perfectly fine but was admitted for 15 days already. He had a fever and its the fifteenth day of it. One moment, he was fine, talking with his friend and the next, he was shaking and was suffering from a 105 F degree fever. Fifteen minutes later, he was again smiling and looked perfectly fine. That’s only a part of what I saw there. There were countless such and everyone had their misery. The hospital, the largest in the country and with the most number of doctors and nurses cannot manage time for the patients. There are literally thousands of patients there and each one of them has something that’s possibly incurable elsewhere in the country.

Documents Show Prophet Muhammad and US Founding Fathers Were Kindred Spirits

In the era where war is in the name of religion, Dr. Craig Considine has written a fine piece on the similarities of Muhammad and George Washington, the founding member and the first president of the United States. I’m neither a Islam follower nor do I support Christian beliefs. I believe humanity is to exist and all religions should have the same beliefs, piece and freedom. I know that there are religions and there have been followers of these religions for thousands of years now. No one should be preaching on the supremacy of their religion and try forcefully converting people. There are religions and people have choices to choose from them. Religion should be a belief and if I find the belief shared by a mullah to be wise and helpful, I’m a follower of Islam. There’s no wrong doing in it.
Religions are to preach peace, not shed bloods in their name.

U.S. Constitution and the Quran U.S. Constitution and the Quran

Although they are typically seen to represent overwhelming opposites, the Prophet Muhammad and America’s founding fathers shared many common characteristics and beliefs, which can be seen in historical documents. By comparing the speeches and texts that they left behind, we can learn of the similar viewpoints that Muhammad and the founding fathers held on issues pertaining to equal rights and religious liberty.

Prophet Muhammad and the American founding fathers shared an interest in protecting people regardless of their ethnicity, religion, or sexuality. Muhammad, for example, received revelations from God, who directed him to celebrate diversity and cherish it as a staple of Muslim society. Muhammad’s encounter with God would later be recorded in the Quran, which states, “O mankind, We created you from male and a female and made you into tribes and nations that you may get to know each other.”

Furthermore, in his…

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The lazy days

Life would have been remarkable if the brain and the body would do everything that’s thought of. Life would have been a totally different story and there would be acievements and medals hanging all over the walls. I have always been a dreamer but have never been able to shift the imaginations to reality from my mind.

There are many things to be done, many ideas thought of and many accompolishments to be made. Had my mind and ideas gone to somebody else, somebody who is ready to get out of the laziness and willing to step forward on working on things, there definitely would have been better things for the world and the mankind. At least I think that way. Had I been active and willing, I would have done something knowledgeable. I’m just a lazy person with ideas. I’m nothing more and if I don’t try gettting rid of the laziness, I never will be anything in my life. 

10 days

The last time I wrote, it was August 11. 10 days later, finally I have the enthusiasm to write on the blog once again. The 10 days I spent without doing things I was sure I would are the most unproductive days till date. The last time I opened the book was 10 days back and I don’t even have one and a half months left for my exams and 15 more chapters to study. The 10 days, had I spent them on studying, I would have finished at least 2 chapters and the load would have lesser. I, unknowingly spent the 10 days doing things I promised myself no to in the past. The 10 days felt like 10 short instances but when I think of the things I could have achieved, the 10 days are 10 big losses.

I didn’t make a video, didn’t study, didn’t read papers in these 10 days. I’m finding it difficult to believe that I didn’t even write a journal for these 10 days. Neither a pen was seen nearby my diary and neither I planned to write a complete journal in this blog. The person who wrote 2 journals a day didn’t think of writing even once a week, for 10 days. The only achievement in these 10 days is that I got my 2-year-old journal back. There are my memories and my plans in that diary and I will preserve it dearly from now on. They are my memories and 10 years down the line, when I look at them, there will be fascinating things in those papers.

I now have 3 places to write. I certainly can’t write the same thing on my diaries as well as my blog. I’ll start writing less in the blog now as I will have to add things in my diaries too. That doesn’t mean I’ll start writing less. I will write in the same frequency, but in different places.

This blog is older than the diary itself. The diary has the entire college experience of me. And the new diary has the things I have planned and got deep on. Each of them have their own value and they are not to be mixed with alter ideas.