Planning a change

I’m making a change. Its high time I do that. While I was having dinner, I had this thought that I need to start taking my life more seriously and start focusing on doing things that I need to rather than doing things that are just for the sake of entertainment and passing time. Its high time I start realising that my goals in life are in some other place and I have been totally wandering on the opposite direction. I need to start making changes in the things. I have a mixed mood today and that is what provoked me to write this piece in my blog.

So, here’s the story of the day:

I woke up at 10:50, got a call from a friend and then freshened up and them made my way to the college at around 11:30 after having lunch ( dal bhat). We had to discuss about the presentation that was to be given this Saturday. So we ( five of us ) went to Wicked Spoon, a restaurant and had a few cold drinks and a seesah.  We talked for about two and a half hours and decided the parts of the presentation that was to be delivered by each of us. After that we made our way to the college.

Reaching college, we took the login credentials for seeing the CIE results once it comes out. I had some talks with the current coordinator regarding my recommendation later. She agreed on what I suggested her to do and after that we made our way to lunch at Redmud. We had peach ice tea, chicken nuggets and mo:mo. After that, we went to the zoo, saw some wild animals, played see-saw and did boating. It was an interesting day and we surely did enjoy the day.

After that, we came home. My friend went his home and I met another friend. We went for a cup of tea while we were having tea, we met a brother. We had some talks and after sometime, we had one more person next to us. Then after half an hour, three more people joined us and at around 7 45, there were 8 chairs. There were two groups of us and we enjoyed the evening too. I reached home at 9 and got freshened up and took food. After that, here I am writing this journal.

To summarise up, the day was enjoyed. Four of us, three places to roam and a loads of snapchat stories and memories. It was a good one. The day also ended with a cup of coffee.

Having coffee surely makes me think a lot. After the two cups of coffee I had, I started realising that I am totally getting off the track in which I was supposed to go. I had been planning on applying to MIT, NYUAD and major colleges and all I was doing these days was roaming a lot without doing anything productive. I finally started getting thoughts that if I keep on doing this, my missions would just be a dream and I would have to apply to low priority colleges and do hours to work to study. I have already realised that I need to be on my feet from now on and spending my free time g nothing is going to hurt me a lot in the future.

So I plan to change myself. From this moment, I will start focusing on learning more, learning new things, doing more productive things and most importantly, staying at home and studying for at least a new chapter from my physics book. I need to get an A in physics if I plan to apply on good colleges and get decent scholarships. I already have the ECA, I can get a good recommendation letter and with 15 days of preparation, I am sure that I will get 1350+ in my SAT. The only thing remaining is my grades and if I don’t do good in Physics, its going to hurt me like hell. So, a change is needed and from tomorrow morning, more time will be devoted on learning new things and improving myself as well as expanding my knowledge on physics.

Lets see how far can I go with this change.



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