Back on the blog

It’s been a long time. I totally forgot that I had a blog which had 13 article ( of which only 12 were accessible to others) and this was a blog I used to be passionate about one and a half years back. The last time I wrote here was on February 2015 and its July 2016 already. The blog is live for more than two and a half years and has some memories of me trying to be a passionate person. The things that I started writing here were actually influenced by blog of people I knew. They were writing passionately and I was trying to imitate them. But now, it seems, the imitation game is not much of my thing. I have started realising the fact the being myself and trying to write as original as I can be will bring back a lot of memories a few years later, when I look on the stuffs that I have written. So that’s what I’m going to do in this blog.
I will be more of myself. I will write original. I will not write things by thinking hours on what to write. I will not try to sound impressive or knowledged person. I will be writing swift and I will be pouring down my thoughts. I had these things in my mind right now so I am saving them in this blog.
I’m back on this blog after more than six months and it feels great to be back.
Will be writing more and more. Won’t be expecting any viewers. This is a personal blog with no advertisements done. This is for my memory and my memories, if not seen by others, at least I’ll be there to look at after a few years.
Blogging has always been a source of inspiration and a matter of interest to me since 5 years past and I expect the same in coming years. Blogging is fun. Blogging is cool.


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