Newa: Lahana and its alcohol

First of all its valentine and  I am super dunk. I have no plans for this day other thsn drinking and keeping me turned on.
I would like to apologize if there are spelling mistakes. I hope every word will be understood by everyone ,  I am more certain that most of the spellimgs are written incorrevtly and I setioysly do aplolozise for that. . I  am drunk right now so I d9nt care what the hell you understand or think I am writing. Aplogies if anyone finds it offensive.
So what I am going to write about is the local drunk of Kirtipur. I have never tasted such a great local alcohol ( Chyang) as we call it here. Just now my brother is talking to his girfriend snd describimg how awesome it was. We brought it 3 litres and drank it all by three people. I  drank 4 glasses (big glasses) and so did my brother and my elder dad. I had never tasted the local alcohol of Lahana Ne:Wa. Its so good that everyone will eventually fall in l9ve with it. If you have never tried it out, I would rcommend you to do so. Plus, you’ll not vomit unless any other branded alcohol like Royal Stag, Red Label or any other is added to your drink. I drank so much and I still an not in mood to be super drunk or vomit. 
Life gets interesting day by day as we get to do so many new things everyday. Like for example, I just finished a book on financial education today and
drank more than a litre of alcohol today. I  am feeling too good right now. I hope this doesmt get to most of tge peope and even if gets to many , must of them will not undersranmd what I am writimg on as there are msny spelling mustakes.
Finwlly I woukd recommend you to try out the alcohol of Newa : Lahana. Its a good place to stay and drink and if you just want to drink at home, the alcohol there is damn good. Just go and drink it.
I just loved it and hope so will you.

Gpod night to everyone.