Entering Terai and the Exit: 3 Day trip

Ahh! After a ride of almost 4 hours, finally I’ve entered the plain land. Finally the high hills are over and I can see the endless¬† straight roads. Finally I am about to reach my Mamaghar.

My destination is Lalbandi and I have already arrived Hetauda. From here, its only 2 hours away. This has been one of the greatest experience of my life.
The driver of the vehicle in which I am driving is no less than Vin Diesel of fast and furious. I would actually say he is better than Vin.  Finally, I reached at 9 PM.

Now, I am about to reach kathmandu after the 3 day trip. Already have reached Thankot and will reach balkhu anytime im about an hour. Its been fun ride with a small accident.. No worries..

Currently listening to Goodbye my Lover by James Blunt.