Don’t know what the hell I’m Currently Writing

Its been a long time that I’ve not written anything in thsi blog of mine. I had promised myself that I’ll post thing much frequently in this blog but this time also became like the past ones. ” Dui Char Deen ko chirifuri ho, tyespachhi saab haraunchha”, thats what they say in Nepali ,when you are really interested to do something and then do it for sometime, maybe a week or a month and then retard yourself from doing that stuff.

Blogging has always been a passion and a subject of interest to me. But, I don’t know what’s wrong with me, anything of my passion and interest starts to get away after some period of time. Its been more than 4 years that I’ve been blogging and by today, there are more than 10 blogs in which I’ve written. Most of them are related to blogging, why you should do it and how to make money from blogging. Even though I never made a single Dollar, lets not say penny from my blogs, I have taught many people how to do so and I hope that they’ve made some in their blogging career. For not making moeny from my blogs, I  used blame this country. This was also one of the silly things that I remember doing. I used  to think, if I get a Visa verified Paypal account, then I can sign in some advertising companies, sell banners in my blog and then make money from it. Sounds easy, but now I know its not.

I’ve tried out many blogging platforms in my 4 years of blogging journey. It stated from Blogger and I’m currently in WordPress. In this middle, I’ve tried out LiveJournal, Globalred (think that’s that name), Squidoo and some others which I don’t remember. Among all of them, I find Blogger the most interesting and easier to use. Second comes WordPress. Actually, I could put WordPress in the first position, but because the third party apps and other scripts are not usable in WP, I put it in the second. But, I find WordPress really cool, awesome and interesting. Here, I can easily read posts from  others blogs. Feels like I’m surfing Facebook.

My God, I don’t know what I’m writing right now. I have no clue of it. Today, I just felt like writing and I started to throw my words. Anyone if reads this post, he/she might say me a lunatic person, but know that I’m not.

 Why I’m writing is because I’m practicing BLIND TYPING. And I Succeded in that.

WOW! I’ve just now wrote a page without looking the keyboard.

WOW! My typing has really Improved.


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