On Fire-My First English Rap Song

Mood of a person changes according to time,place and situation, speciallshot those people who are restless and want to do something at all the time, be it playing games, trying stunts, doing some mischiefs. As being a human with a restless  character,I too feel like doing something all the time and among those beautirest moments of my life, I recaltho hose memories when I had been writing Rap-Music.

It was the about to end year 2011 and beginning of 2012. Those days, I was deeply influenced by the works of Eminem, Lil Wayne, 50 Cent. Also some new rappers like Tyga and  members of the group YMCMB were in the heights, which inspired me to write songs. So I wrote some songs that time and one of them is …


On Fire

is anybody out there?

im burning in fire

can anybody help me?

i swear i am not a lier


fire in my house, has all arouse


not even a mouse, Or a louse

living in my house

comp’s on playing “the fighter”

my house is all red, like the video of lighters

featuring Royce with Eminem

now blowing off the fire is all my ain

Like Birdman and Lil Wayne, wanna travel all over the world in a private plane

its from my childhood what I’m saying but, it’s all my dream

now I’m like a vampire, cause i’m too afraid of fire

Don’t you ever think I’m a lier,

I swear to god, in not an amazon buyer…


It’s Been more than 2 years, I suppose that I’v written this song and then not touched. Soo, I have forgot some parts of the Song. I will edit this one later when I remember the whole song. I’ll write mire other songs in the blog when I’ll blogging drunk because these things come in my mind only when I’m drunk. So I hope to get drunk soon so that I can enjoy the eve write publish a creation of mind if even if its too much stupid and worthless.


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