Back in the CodeWorld

Its March 4 Today (19 Minutes left for Midnight and the next Day). The flow of time is really wonderful and surprising, feel like it was some days before I got admitted in Grade 10 but only 1 month is left for the year to complete. In this long year, many things happened in my life. There were several ups and downs like failing in Optional Maths, Increase in interest in Mathematics, poor academic performances but increased understanding of the problems and ability to solve them easily. Among all of the ups and downs, the most important for me was the ascend and descend in the interest in coding. It had been almost 3 months that I had not written a single piece of code( don’t mean to say I am a MasterCoder). But today, after a really long time, I have written some 100 lines of those awesome codes.

Back In The CodeWorld

It feels really Wowing to see myself writing so long codes even though they are just simple codes like Loops, Booleans and minute operations like asking the user what their name is. Today, I have written 4 different types of codes as codes of C#, JavaScript and HTML&CSS. The much advanced forms of my codes were in HTML&CSS as I am comfortable and very familiar with them. As for JavaScript, I had written them for some days few months back before I stopped writing and C# was my first experience today. OOPS! I forgot to mention Python. I also wrote a simple loop in Python which display numbers from 1 to 10  and calculates sum.

I have written codes after a really long time today. Today, I feel like mastering my favourite Programming Language Python and JavaScript (don’t exactly know if they are programming languages or not) and creating some awesome applications and programmes. I have a unfulfilled dream of developing an app and uploading the app in the Appstore and Google Play and help others and I’m very sure that that dream of mine will not remain unfulfilled.

What Made me To Write Codes Today was the special occasion Today. Today is Saraswoti Puja ( Day of worshipping goddess Saraswoti, the Hindu god of knowledge and education). Unlike the other Gods and Goddess, we need not to go to the temple and worship them by offering some offerings and making them happy. We just need to keep her in our mind and increase our knowledge today and study. As she is the goddess of Knowledge, she enlightens her worshippers and gives then knowledge. But, I didn’t restarted coding just because of the greed of knowledge. I have  learnt that if I get greedy in anything, I will get no satisfaction from the thing. I started recoding today because of the special feeling that came in this auspicious day. Maybe its the call of the Goddess or anything else, I felt like writing codes and start going deep in them and that’s what I have been doing all day. I also felt like studying my course books so I did few problems from all the subjects and then other time for coding.

Today, I have experienced a feeling of knowledge inside me and I feel like expanding my knowledge by going deep inside the subjects of my interest and gathering as much of the information as I can. That way I would be able to live my life how its supposed to be lived. I will also not hesitate to share the knowledge that I gain to my pals and anyone who is in need of it because sharing expands the feeling and the knowledge. I might be able to switch my life and experience a whole new life this way.

I feel like I am going too much philosophic now and need to stop it else I’ll blow it and it’ll get ruined. Even though I don’t even a handful number of followers, I feel like this post is going to be read much more times than my previous posts.


Wow!  I just wrote my 5 posts in this blog. Feels really surprising that I have been able to write 5 posts on what I feel and what I think. I’ll keep in uploading more on this blog when I get special feelings, great thoughts or something miserable happens in my life.

Cheers Everyone!


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