Praparation and Expectation for Maths

Its Sunday and the third day of the Send Up Examination. Today’s examination of Mathematics and I have high expectation for today’s examination.
Mathematics has been a subject of interest for me these days and I have been practicing more than 30 questions in a day , which means a Question set each day carrying 100 marks. I have been able to solve almost all the problems of about 8 sets that I have done with no difficulty at all ,in almost all of them. So, for today’s examination, I have high hopes of crossing 90 in full marks of 100.
But, I also have some difficulties and problems in remembering formulaes, which means I can loose some marks if I wrote the formulaes incorrectly and since this is the Send Up examination, the difficulty level of questions will be high than what I have been doing. So, I will have to be really patient and brainstorm.
With the difficulties comes understanding of the problems. So, I am not frightened to see the difficult questions. Instead I hope and am determined to solve all of them and score a 90+ today. If I am able to score 90+ in maths, I have high chances of achieving 80% in this Send Up.. So, I wish best of luck to myself and also to those who are giving examinations with me.

Cheers and do your best.:-D:-D


Send Up Examination and Preparation for it

Its January 6 ( Poush 22) today. I’ve checked the calender after a  really long time . Oh God!  I’m shocked to see the date. I discovered that I even don’ t have a handful of days before my Send Up Examinations.

   Now I’m all geared up. I have to read 8 books completely and I realise that I’ve not even started 6 of them. I need to focus and give much priority to my course books than the other additional books. After wasting my past 15 years, I’ve come to the point of my lifewgen I realized the importance of study and hardwork in my life.  I don’t want to waste the upcoming hours just by watching movies, English Series and doing unnecessary activities. Now I feel like giving most of my hours to study and learn new things recalling the previously learnt ones. I now have a goal to get at least 75% in the Send Up Examinations.
       For achieving 75%+ in the examination, I`ve planned to give at least 4 hours of the free time to my studies everyday. That would be almost 10 hours of studies everyday and I hope that much time will be sufficient for me to achieve the marked range.

Today, I plan to complete EHP. That’s of 75 marks and I have to score at least 60. If I can’t complete it today then, I’ll end it by tomorrow  which leaves 5 subjects for me to prepare for the Exam. That would be easier in some extent as some load will be lifted.

This way, if I am  able to complete a subject by a day, it would be easier for me during the days of Exams as there won’t be much pressure and tension.
   This is how I have planned the preparation for this Send Up Examination. I also would request everyone else to prepare well for the Test as it occours only once in a lifetime. Give your best and show what you’ve got to everyone. Surprise your parents, teachers and everyone, who might not have even imagined what you can do.

This post has gone too, I think as I’m typing in my Mobile. This post  took almost 30 minutes of my time. I would end it saying All The Best and GoodLuck to the SLC appearing students.

Remember that you dont even have a handful of days to appear for the Send Up Examinations.