Interested in Mathematics


Until the paper distribution day of Optional Math, I used to take Mathematics as just another subject which brings more marks and helps to increase my Percentage and Rank in the Class. I used to have a feeling of toughness in the subject and had never tried to go in depth of any question, which I still don’t do. But now, I take in a whole different manner.  Although I still have difficulties in solving the problems relating to Mathematics and have to take help from my teachers and elder brother, I find it interesting and not so tough subject to not go deep inside it. Here’s a short story behind my growing interest in Mathematics.
It was Sunday and our 4 days terminal break had just ended. I got ready to go to school. I packed my bags keeping 4 books and 7 copies. I’m not damn sure about the numbers but, it was much more and much heavier than the bag I used to carry before the Second Terminal Examination. As my exams didn’t happen as smooth and as fantastic as I wished they would, I had a fear of failing in Optional Mathematics.  It was 8:05 and I proceeded towards A.V.M.( Adarsha Vidya Mandir , my school).

I reached there at 8:30 and started to chat with my friends. Most of them were nervous about Optional Mathematics as the questions were tough and most of them had ruined their exams.  After some time, bell rang and we went in the assembly and proceeded towards our class. Periods started and the papers were shown to us. I got really excited as my marks were better than before in some subjects. All that I had in mind was paper of optional mathematics .

Finally, Optional Period came and the papers were distributed. I just gazed at my marks and saw that it was 33. I was shocked!

I got just 33 out of 100 which means that I had failed in the examination for the first time in my life. I was really nervous and in the same time afraid too. I didn’t have anything in my mind. It went all blank. I looked at paper of other classmates. Some of them had done really great. Milan Dhungana had scored 97.5 out of 100. I was really shocked!

After that period, I made a determination that I will score 90+ in the upcoming send up examination and prove that I can also do great in Mathematics. From that day, I have started to practice mathematics when I get a free time and also look in the new lessons which has not been taught so that it would be easy later. This determination to get 90+ is one of the major reason behind my interest in Mathematics.

Beside my determination to get 90+, there is another reason why I am interested in Mathematics and it is Computer. I have a deep interest in Computer Science and my dream is to become a programmer and develop a social networking site. As computer is directly related to Mathematics (i.e. Binary, Decimal, Octal and Hexadecimal), I had to learn the higher classes. But today, while reading the Number System chapter, I came to learn many interesting things about Algebra, a branch of mathematics. I also learnt how the Greeks develop their own symbols and who developed the Whole Numbers (0-9).

The most interesting thing that I learnt today from the lecture of Suresh Sir, our computer teacher is that Algebra had proved that nothing is impossible. I really got interested in this topic but was confused about the impossible thing. Then Ishan Lamsal, my colleague wrote some lines as:





We laughed at this but then I realized that algebra really does proves that nothing is impossible. If we are to do arithmetic calculation, 1=2 can never be proved. But from this algebra has proved. I don’t know if it is correct or incorrect but, these four lines have really helped in arousing interest towards Mathematics.

So, this was my story how interest has aroused inside me to do Mathematics, the subject which I took just as a subject to gain more marks and percentage.

I am also interested to learn about Quantum theory and Quantum Mechanics.  I came to know that before learning these things, I should know about Calculus and  Classical mechanics. I will try my best to learn these things and go in depth.

As always, I have learned a great lesson from a mistake which I did.  Frankly to say, I didn’t want to commit this mistake of failing in  Optional but, I don’t regret it much now as I have come to learn great things from this mistakes.

Its really true that we learn from our mistakes. If I can change myself, I’m not afraid of committing the mistakes in the future.


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