Learning from Mistakes!

I’m nobody! 

Nobody’s prefect!= I’m Perfect! (cross this!)

I’ve never recognized myself a perfect person. I always make mistakes in my life and believe that I can learn from them. Anybody who knows me well can say that I never finish my works completely. I’ve always loved to leave things in the middle and expect to complete them afterwards. But, this afterwards thing never happens in my life for these stuffs.

Like  other Gamers, I also love to play games (cross this ). Its a Game not  “Games”. The one and only game that I love and always play is DotA( Defense of the Ancients). Its almost been more than 2 years that I’ve started to play this game but I’m still not a professional DotA Player. Mandip, my friend calls me  a Noob. I hate this word but, I’m sure I won’t be a Noob for a long time.

I love to code but I don’t  have a great Mathematics and IQ to deign my own codes. I can’t even write a simple Palindrome  program by myself. Many of my best buddies are great with this coding stuff but, I’m still a newbie here.

The only thing in which I’m good than others is making Webpages. I think that  I can compete anybody from my school if they challenge me to create webpage just by using HTML. I can make lists, boxes, forms and almost every stuffs that can be made by using HTML.

I’ve always make mistakes in almost all the stuffs that I do be it a Game or writing a small piece of code. But, from these mistakes , I try to learn and do the same work again in a better way than before. This way, I can learn from my mistakes and be a better person in every field in the future.

I hope that I will become a great personality in the future and the world will recognize me for my work.Lets hope this won’t be just a Hope!


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