Rock N Joes’

There’s this girl in the coffeehouse, intriguing, and very beautiful. This is not my first time seeing her and it certainly won’t be the last. I was gonna get a coffee to go and study at home and here I am, an hour later, dressed up perfumed drinking the same fucking coffee at RnJs. Chase keeps us alive.

And my girlfriend just texted me 🀣. Life’s ironic, oxymoronic, whatever you wanna call it. I should reply her. She loves me.

: Let’s not stray from the purpose. I’m here to study.

Sept. 21, it’s been 7 days since I turned 25. I definitely feel different now, finally, dare I might say. A year older, smarter, more dedicated, a business owner, and a programmer too. I can’t be slacking no more, everyday is a challenge.

I don’t need a clock in life, I’ll make the sun my own. So far, I’m catching up but soon, roles will reverse. Just give me 2 more days.

It does not whether I sleep at 11 or 3, I’m going to wake up before 7 going forward. So long as 7 is the consistency, on good days, I’ll achieve 6 or even 5 some days. Now is the time to make the most out of the life that is given.

I have a renewed purpose: renewed, not new. I know what I want to do with my life:

  • explore
  • experience
  • learn
  • teach
  • have fun

Now I also know to indulge in parties only when the parties are there. Gone are the days of endless partying. Even sweet turns bitter when you take it too much. Just do it right and parties add a flavor to your life. A beer a day doesn’t hurt tho.

What keeps the planet spinning? Sure, it’s gravity, but it’s you and me – the human society.

It’s crazy how we all get the same bodies and minds yet we decide to employ our faculties so differently. A thing is certain tho -waking up early in the morning does not hurt anyone.

I’ll start with the economic history journal now.




What do links do? Links keep you linked up. They easily remind you of past characteristics, making it comfortable to consistently be yourself.

There is no point in self-doubt. Absolutely no point in it. What matters is you have to produce something of value, consistently, bettering yourself by the day, grinding hard, putting your heart and soul into it. The proof is in the progress. The risk of having to change yourself for sustenance is such high, you might as well grind your butt off on yourself.

I don’t know about everyone, but I definitely deserve an attempt at this.

The risk of being stagnant is again very high. When life has presented you with an opportunity, you should take it. Do the right thing and it’s a ticket to not having to change for others. Do the wrong thing, well, you tried, you gave your best, and now it’s time to change.

I am very grateful to this blog. Some very powerful thought I’ve come across, I’ve shared them here. I’ve shared it for myself, not intentionally for others. Someday in the distant future, when I will look back, I will get to see what I did right, what I did wrong. But the most important part, I’ll get to see if I evolved or simply changed.

I’m very excited to start this day. There’s a lot to achieve. God bless.



Some crazy stuffs. Daily rants??

Crazy how things work, huh.

Crazy what a year of dedication gives you.

Power of the brain is such that, train it and you shall see the results.

Deliberation clears things up.

It’s crazy how the brain works. Like,

Can you feel what part of your brain are ideas coming from? Do you like this new laptop?

Is it worth the cost? You mean $500 that you’ve paid? Hell yeah it’s worth it.

Can you imagine? A company that makes $300 bn a year and is run by shareholders.

Fucking crazy isn’t it. Well that’s apple. Crazy how visionary people do some crazy shit.

That’s the thing about creativity and originality. Believing in yourself. believing you can do it. And just working on it.

Being the Steve jobs of the world, you know.

A man empowers an entire generation that is two generation below him to fucking change the world.

Think different. Act you.

No problem is unsolvable.

Gould, Caldwell, RnJ

Maile afno dimag lai dherai mess hanisake. Aba aΓΊne 4 mahina, maile afno dimag lai ramro sanga train garera, pamper garera rakhna parcha.

RocknJoe bistarai change hudai cha. There’s a lot of people here and everybody just minding their own business which is a good thing to see.

Manche harule afno business afaile mind gareko herna malai ekdum nai maan parcha. Sachhi nai. Kina arka lai kich kich garne hola, jaile ni.

There’s all sorts of people here across the spectrum, age wise at least.

Ani yo community nikkai nai hospitable cha. Manche haru ramro chan. Sabaile sabailai maya garchan. At least hate chai gardainan hai.

One wonders, why should I not live here all my life? All that I need is right here. And I can grow. There’s a school right next door that you can use as your own launchpad , where you can draw students from. And the students are bright too.

La dherai drift nahum. Ramro sanga pudhna parcha, ramro sanga basna parcha. Main kura bhaneko, aaja dekhi dimag lai dherai pressure dina chodna parcha. Toph, Chyau haru dherai nai khaiyo. After a very very long time, I slept sorta sober yesterday. Aja dimag kasto rested feel gariracha. Time to look at your head too, that beautiful head of yours.

Churot kinna jaam ki najam po bhairacha aile aayera.

To be a man, you have to leave your house, however. I left the one in Nepal and made Caldwell my home. Aba yaha bata ni temporarily kunai din move hunai parcha.

Tara farkine gari.

Ghar ta ma yehi nai banauchu. πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„




We all grow old.

But, when do we really feel that we are getting older?

Do we wait for our bodies to give us signals? Back pain, occasional sprains, problems sleeping probably? Beard and stuffs make you more youthful even. It’s the shave that’s the reminder of upcoming adulting.

Think about it, an average person is bound to live 75 years. Very comfortably at that. Some live as long as 90 even. Don’t smoke too much, don’t drink too much, don’t stimulate your mind too much, you are bound to have an active physique and spirit for a very very long time.

People run nicely even in their 50s, 60s even. Stay fit and you’ll have the energy till you’re 50-60.

It’s not all in the head tho. One certainly gets older as time passes.

Should I sacrifice the next 5 years so I can enjoy the rest of the coming days? Or should I enjoy the coming 5 years, sharpen myself so I can work in the near and coming future. I’d like to keep working, reading, being better day by day. I want to stay healthy, motivated, always thinking new and doing new stuff. Cool Stuff.

Keep doing stuff like I’m 14 again. That spirit. That energy. There’s too many a roadblocks, but all you need is a laptop and the eagerness and willingness to stay in front of the screen and do stuff. Like this writing. I could’ve not opened the laptop and just went to bed, I’m sure I’d have used my phone for the next half hour.

Now that my mind is working, I know imma sleep soon.

I want to keep the enthusiasm of making games, coding, writing, reading forever. These are the things I associate with my youthfulness. It’s very easy to look for a job and get on with it and work and all you know is work related because that’s all you wanna do.

But work sharpens you, and for the type of people that can anyhow tackle challenges, work might shape and put you in a phenomenal direction. But what if you don’t want to work for others? Especially when you believe in yourself so much you can do craazy shit all your life.

Explication, that’s what’s lacking. You wanna do something? Don’t think do it in the head, do it actually. Just do it.

Like tomorrow, I’ll run 2miles in the morning, do some workout, then freshen up and head to the coffeehouse and do coding and unity. Like today, I relearnt a lot of stuff and soon I’ll be creating playable characters and games. All it’s gonna take is a few hours a day and consistency. Just keep on working in the same game. And by the end of the week, there’ll be some much stuff already done, time will come to learn in-game programming to add functionalities. And by the end of the month, there’ll be a game ready. Ready to deploy.

The what? Well, keep coding. Also there’s NEEX and stuffs to work on. Also GRE, Grad School, the stock market, and book reading. The next few months are tightly packed and by the end of it, multiple fronts will be ready. Dedication, hard work, consistency, and interest. Willingness to learn has always been there.

Aight, time for bed. It’s almost midnights.



P.S. THese freaking pimples. I need to drink less beer. Drink more water. Take good care of skin.


What NEEXt?

A great start of the the second half of 2022. NEEX is live, across all major platforms. There’s numerous features that make the app exciting. Community chat, live-market prices, portfolio tracking. There’s more features to come too.

Now it’s time to start doing some intense work.

Now it’s time to give structure to the company. NEEX has evolved from an idea to a product. There’s a product because there’s a market. There’s a market because there are customers who need the product. It’s a right product market fit.

The next step is to create a foundational database of all NEPSE listed securities. The first focus is on stocks. Then bonds. Then we go on to see what other things there exist that we can build on.

There’s intern coming too. 3 in my mind. I have enough cash flow to sustain them for 3 months. 250 hours of deliberate and dedicated labor will definitely give us a meaningful and informative database and we will definitely be able to do something with it.

Now I need to register a foundation and make the foundation own my part of NEEX. And I will spend this year working on developing NEEX. A year of dedicated labor from 3 people under a guided framework shall see some level of success.

And there’s means to tap into when we have a product ready to compete. And it’s almost there. All I need is a few weeks with the interns and we shall start eating off Merolagani, Sharesansar and the like. The goal is to leave these companies to an information level.

Next comes analysis and the mentally hardcore work. And I am ready for it. I know what I am capable of, how dedicatedly I can work on something.

As long as the fire on entrepreneurship burns, I know I have a Midas touch. I don’t know about old, but nothing I have touched has died. Well there was this one plant.

Alright, time to get working.



value, utility, money, wealth

Services that provide value are the services that succeed in making the founders wealthy.

Whatever you do, you should give your level best in the job-

NEEX is a new job that will take 30 hours of my time every week. First its the tedious manual task providing a basic layer of service does doesn’t exist yet.

NEEX brings a new level of excitement that only come with building stuff. Its the future. For the moment, there is jack’s and trading.

Jacks I’m already efficient at it. Now I can survive the lunch shift without any caffeines which give me space to drink and be energized in the dinner shift. I should form on making the best tips.

Trading, I gotta reduce my frequency. Take a few trade and be the absolute beast in it. Double your monthly earning by making $4k from ain’t hard to do so either.

The most important thing where I need to demonstrate my consistency is with – — actually all three of the activities I need to focus on.

So, be the beast that you are and prove you’re meant for great things.

Goddamn, this sleepy feeling after having rice and chicken is something else. This too shall pass tho.

Order in the chaos. –

We all know of the yin and the yang. Let me illustrate

The yin and the Yang illustrated by Kanchan
The yin & the yang..

Now I am no expert in the interpretation but I do know that it represents order within chaos and chaos amidst order. Which one’s what is up to anyone’s guess.

It also represents the possibilities. A hopium. A possibility of restructuring your life to bring it to structure regardless of how fucked up you’ve done things.

It abo serves an a reminder that regardless of how orderly you attempt to be you can always fact it up.

Finally, its a reminder to enjoy the process rather than achieve something It’s a reminder to prepare for the worst and attempt to be your level best.

Cheers, Kanchan


Fuck! Trading is a hard. Its not a job so it’s cool. Like, how do you notice when something is moving in a trend?

And why is it that whenever you take a position, the trend starts going in another direction.

Some ground rules to start:

  1. Power Hour trades: Either become a power hour trader, or an other hour trader. Don’t fucking try to do both at the same time.
  2. Capital Conservation: Does it feel good to lose money? No, right? Then why keep bleeding when you know you might actually keep bleeding more and more? Preserve the capital. On both sides. Don’t forget there’s always a next day.
  3. Discipline: Trading should not be about money. It should be about being right. If you keep the mentality that trading is about money and not about being right, then you will be guided by yous emotions. And that will hurt. For money, do a fucking job. Get a job. Or fucking write a blog or something. Make money there. Trade because you love the fucking adrenaline rush you get off it. It’s a fucking drug.
  4. Fucking observe. See the signals that are out there. I’ll get you one right now.
  5. There’s 6.5 trading hours in a day. You don’t have to be done in the first few minutes. Here’s why.

A massive sell order on spy vol 2.8mn approx.@ 2:48pm

Market has started going down already. Market is bleeding hard.

Maybe I should take the $5.5 profit I have in the $17 position and GTFO.

Can we anticipate an additional 0.6% drop from this point forward? Let’s see-

The end of the 2022 2nd quarter. Markets are fucked up this quarter. Tesla had the worst quarter ever.

Cheers, Kanchan!

July 01 12022

An entry spanning 2 trading days. This is a followup of what id promised myself yesterday, which is, don’t trade in the power hour – just observe the pattern of now trades are flowing. You will find gems and make be successful with your trade. Today I did just that – lemme explain!

This is the 1d chart in 1m frame for July 01,2022.

9:30-10:30am, the market sort of set a range it is going to more for the day. 373-379 seemed like the range.

Post – 4pm:market has breached the range towards the upward direction.. Market now opens Tuesday after the 4th of July cebration.

Cheers, Kanchan

6/24/22 $377 P

Either I made a fucking stupid mistake or I’ll 4X my money today.

So far, I am looking stupid as fuck.

But it’s the market close before the weekend.

There’s 57 more minutes left in the market.

I’ve been keeping my calm so far.

I am not going to sell. It’s already down 75%.

But you know these market makers like to fuck you right after you sell.

3$ down from here and I still double my money. 2$ down from here and I still 1.5X my money. 1$ down from here I still walk with a 50% portfolio.

This MFKR is not moving anywhere. That’s the issue.

Well, let’s see.

Not going to be the first time I lose money.

But this significantly wipes away my portfolio. Leaving me with little crumbs and I’ll have to make all back again.

But I will still HODL.

You never know what happens in the last 15 minutes of the market.