Reading and future

Is it only me or does everyone think that reading in-depth about anything makes you feel like you will change the face of earth, or at least the face of yourself in the years to come.

I have begun studying the bond market and the overall economy (in basic level) and I feel like I can make huge changes.

Probably, it’s not just me.

A small change in news and you see investors flocking in or away from changes. What am I in front of the overall economy.

But I don’t want to see myself being lesser than others. Maybe it’s only me because my thoughts are different from what others.

Maybe I should invest?

Oh wait! I already did. My investments have averaged a negative (-10%  is the best I have done so far.) God bless me.


What Robinhood can do

I have been reading a lot of Horatio Alger lately.

He basically talk about a poor guy’s move towards fortune. Although he has been criticized for unlawful sexual interactions with children, he has become one of my favorite writers. For the content he writes, of course.

I, myself, am not a rich guy. But I do want to be one. Studying History, I came across the Gilded age, and along with it, the importance of Philanthropy.

The content of this article has nothing to do with Philanthropy. ( made a mistake on the “h”, again”. I am intoxicated and you shall live without me, as Michael Bassey Johnson said in his quote.

The priority of this article is Robinhood. (I just realized I could reduce some word from the sentence. I also realized these three italicized sentences were unnecessary. I shall read more on where Italics are actually needed)

Sure, Robinhood can’t charge people money, for the basis of their foundation are free. But what about the people who have made a fortune on trading options and stocks on Robinhood and actually want advice, and professional on that one, on where to park their money.

I am a member of one of those groups who have made a fortune speculating (if you want to call it) on stock options. Now stock options are not exactly options on stocks, but actually stock options. If you want me to write more about it, I can tell you about this easy way to make multiply on your investment or loose your invest altogether.

Regardless, I believe Robinhood has the potential to become a leader in investing. I know, I know, it’s already valued at more than whopping $5 Billion for the free services it provides. But it’s never poisonous to add more sources of income to your portfolio. How about providing professional financial advice to people who already have made a fortune speculating? I know for a fact that making ridiculous amount of money speculating is in favor of everyone, but there indeed are people who want to park their money on safer investment and want a steady return. I would be one of them if I had a certain figure on my account. (Now, if you want to contribute to my college fees, I shall gladly accept them)

Think this through. You all might think this came from an intoxicated guy, but I am seriously interested on/in the stock market and investing.

Now, if you want to offer me an internship, I shall delightfully take it. I have always wanted to learn how the system went from commission-charging to commission-free.

Maybe we can partner in establishing a commission free investing service in my country? That’s a story for another day. Maybe I will write about it.



Man, this house

This house is filled with genius people in their fields. Some are working in AI and some are working in Film Designing. Some are preparing for their actuary examination and some are developing apps. I, on the other hand, am just reading books and following the stock market.

I, for one thing, know that none of our jobs will easily be taken by the machines. It feels great to be in this house, surrounded by people with such a passion.

Today, we got a FIOS internet. It is fast.

What’s good in writing?

You know what’s good in Writing?

It’s the feelings, that you let flow. It’s the light heart you get once everything flows out of your heart. It’s the heaviness that rests after everything is rested and told and written.

I feel light now. At least I don’t have the regret that would always have been inside me had I not told it.

The day’s been pretty bad. It’s gonna be a good night and the start of a new exciting day tomorrow 🙂



What it needs when you have to have a party when you’re 21?

A bunch of people who want to party with you?

10 bottles of whiskey and 50 bottles of beer?

A beautiful room or a lawn where you can smoke / drink?


What else do you need? What do you really need?

Just have a good education and a sponsorship/ a good job. You have people at stations where you live.