Plans for the decade

I am extremely thankful to my 15-year-old self who created this blog. Can you imagine- I am writing things over and over on the same slate for the last 8 years? I created this blog before appearing on my SLC examinations. I remember what I was into back then- it was computing and mathematics. I had a keen interest in learning mathematics but was not as successful as I wanted to be. Well, some things never change. I still want to learn computing and mathematics, in fact I am spending this summer break to go over the foundations on mathematics and computing. I don’t want to learn subject-specific knowledge, I want to develop a generalized understanding at this point. This summer is planned out- spend 2 days a week understanding general mathematics, and spend 2 days a week understanding general computing. I want to be able to solve logical and quantifiable problems. I want to be able, not do things in themselves. My mind is made for something else- something that naturally flows within me and that’s History. So, let’s make plans. Let’s structure them and see how much can be achieved. Afterall, you won’t remember what you did 5 years back if you don’t have a written record and you didn’t follow the path. Why else would I be thankful to this blog and my 15-year-old self if it wasn’t for this magnificent time machine. Talk about generalization- I started writing blogs when I was 12 so I would assume I generalized the required knowledge for running a blog to such extent that without having learnt a single new aspect of blogging in the last 4 years or so, I have been successfully publishing here. I intend to do so till I die.

What is it that I really want to pursue has taken 23 years of my life to finally reveal itself. I now know that I want to study History. Not the generic history of what happened in this time frame and who are the main actors. I want to study the history of development of nationals. Specifically, I want to learn economic history. More specifically, I want to learn the economic and financial history of the nations of Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, The United States, Netherlands, England, Venice, Spain, Portugal. I want to learn from the episodes of success of each of these nations/states. I also want to learn the economic and financial histories of countries that failed while embracing capitalism and are seen to be successful after gradual move towards socialism. I also want to learn the economic and financial history of nations that successfully transitioned from being conservatively capitalistic to moderately socialist – the countries of Europe that we see today as being happy and successful despite not having specific technological advantages over other countries.

Developing on my intentions and aspirations, I’ll write why I want to spend my life learning something that probably will not make me large amount of money, or even get me a job at all. Sometimes I wonder if my too easy-going nature and lack of regard to money will bite me back in the future and completely destroy me. But that remains to be seen and my inherent nature of thriving under chaos will probably help me tremendously in alleviating any pain caused by my easy-going nature. My contingency plan is to go to the village and live with only the produce I cultivate. I think I will be happy with such a life as well. In fact, I intend to be fortunate enough to spend 3 months a year of my life in a remote village after I get married and have kids. One needs to properly raise the upcoming generation. Afterall, children are the future of the nation. It took me 23 years to understand the meaning of the sentence. I still am connecting and dots and will try to connect more and more each day till I die.

So, the macro vision is laid out- I want to learn Economic and Financial History. What’s next is, I have to find institutions of higher learning that specialize in generalizing the subjects I wish to learn. While I know the over-the-top concept of what I want to learn, I still haven’t read a book and I still don’t know a single professor from a single university who is engaged in developing material for the upcoming generation of Economic and Financial Historians. This is no big a deal though. My insatiable hunger for reading anything and everything combined with a three-month-long vacation and an entire upcoming semester devoted to learning History will result in materialization of a lot of concepts of economic history in the coming 9 months. As I develop understanding of the subject, I will connect with a great deal of people who are masters of this game. These people will assist me to secure a position where I will, voluntarily, and with devotion, spend the next 7 years of my life in developing mastery of the subject. I intend to be disciplined in fulfillment of this macro goal. We still have’t reached the micro-level yet.

As the macro plan is laid out, the only question remaining is how do I reach the first step of the 7-year-long sabbatical. For easy explanation, I need to do something- something profound and unconventional for an undergraduate student- which will secure me a position at a leading institution of higher learning for the studies of Economic and Financial History. The plan for this is laid out as well.

Immediately after I am done with the papers that mark the completion of my 4 years of Bachelors’ study at Caldwell University, I will begin my journey of, first, learning about the economic and financial history of the United States of America. I want to learn how this swath of land, unknown to outsiders for the greater part of human history, emerged to be the powerhouse of the world. I also know where to begin- New York! Concrete jungles where dreams are made, there’s nothing you can’t do, now you’re in New York! Takes a lot of listening and living in the United States for 4 years to understand what Jay Z meant about America, New York specifically. I have perks from the connections I have developed. No need to worry about where to sleep, what to eat. I have great friends who are like my family and these people spread across the east coast. This summer, I intend to visit and carefully connect the dots of development of New York and East Coast in general, as the economic and financial powerhouse of the United States to begin with. Now that this macro plan for the coming 3 months is out, I need to know what are the places I mustn’t miss for the completion of this project in the coming 3 months. Professor Mullaney will help me in this regard. She is an expert in American History and she thinks of me in a positive regard. While I try to challenge her every chance I get, I don’t think she minds having a competitive and naturally-endowed upcoming Historian in her class. I will write her an email seeking advice on the things I need to do to complete the project on my mind. I will begin with her suggestions and carefully add things of my own bringing into the project. With that laid out, I am excited for the summer break.

The goal is to go cross-country, learning about each and every port and each and every residential area that contributed in making America what it is. While this over-arching goal can be fulfilled, given that I have 100+days of vacation from school, finances are also to be taken care of. I am in a huge debt- 13K to the university, 3k personal loans, that’s a total of 16K. I barely make 1k a month right now. To put salt on the wounds of my finances, I tend to drink a lot of beer that drains my finances. Increasingly, I have been dining out a lot, hitting my finances further severely. But I am thankful to my mind for not thinking too much about the grand problem of finance that I cannot immediately solve. It’s not like, I work for a month breaking my bones and I will make that money. I absolutely hate manual labor that’s done not for the sake of dignity but for the sake of having to survive. I absolutely hate having to work one’s ass off for the sake of livelihood and not for the dignity and respect of the job. But, it is what it is. While I hate having to do work I don’t want to, I don’t have that many options. One always needs a constant, reliable, source of cash flow that will ensure one’s survival, at least.

I intend to work on improving my finances and generating additional income to support my summer plan by putting the financial knowledge I have to work. I have developed sophistication in trading options, futures and spot on stocks and cryptocurrencies. I feel like I am also generating morality , hardcore wisdom, and discipline from within. As I think of my progression in life, I feel I am special and the Maker does not want to see me fail in attaining my purpose. The Maker always shows Itself in some form, kindling my fire within, inspiring and motivating me to attain both my short-term and long-term goals. How would I have even begun writing this diary if it was not for the ever-burning passionate fire that has constantly been providing me additional energy when I feel like I should stop. Today, my brain is loving having to do work. My fingers don’t mind typing. It is for this purpose of ultimately producing a huge container of knowledge in written-form that I have developed a typing speed that’s >90% of the world’s typists. A good brain-body symbiosis can get you where you want to be. It brings happiness inside me that I can write a 20-page paper from scratch in a day. It brings me further joy that I can read a 300-page book in a day. Give me 3 days after a good mental preparation and I can write a 20-page summary of a book that’s 300 pages long. No, there can not be reduction, afterall the brain fucks you harder if you fuck it hard.

Things somehow align. I can’t explain how, but somehow things do align. As long as the over-arching goal remains there, not a specific, but an ultimate goal regardless, one finds ways to attain them goals. Look at how the stars have aligned for me: I want to study all my life, specifically study economic history, but generally study. Nature has endowed me with mental faculties that allow me to read at a great speed and contextualize them. I am studying at a university where there are professors that constantly check on me and warn and reenergize me whenever my passion seems to be fading. These professors who have immense knowledge provide me with specific guides that speeds up my understanding process. I don’t have to go through 20 books to learn a thing. My professors tell me specifically the content I’m supposed to read and go an extra step in making sure I have that content at my disposal. You should not expect to be spoon-fed but it doesn’t hurt to have a plate of food and a spoon brought to your table. The eating, that’s your job, the prepping and cooking, well, if you can do without it all your life, don’t worry about it. Next is finances. I need money for survival and paying tuition. Somehow, I’ve been surviving and am still enrolled at the university. It’s been 4 years already and I don’t recall having to do hard work that I would rather not do. The places where I have worked, I think they think positive of me. They would hire me anytime I request them for a job. So, I have been earning the steady cash flow which determines my survival in this foreign country. I also have developed understanding of the capital markets, thanks to my never-ending hunger for knowledge, and the availability of Bloomberg and Wall Street Journal which I subscribed to and paid for the last 2 years or so. Thanks to PK Uncle’s store, I was able to read every issue of Barron’s for 2 years. I need to reach out to him again and ask for papers he’s considering discarding in trash. Through continuous reading and intrinsically connecting dots for the past 3 years, I would say I have developed generalized knowledge on the Capital markets. What this means is, give me a week to learn and I can basically trade anything in any market anywhere in the world. What this gives me is the ability to simultaneously engage in trading in multiple markets across multiple countries. I have been successfully trading cryptocurrencies, derivatives on cryptocurrencies, stocks, stocks in the United States, stocks in Nepal, and option contracts of US-Listed equities. By engaging in micro-level trading in all these asset classes and appropriately managing risk, I am confident that I will make enough money for my CAPEX of travels, and simultaneously develop an over-arching long-term portfolio. What else does one need? Is this not enough: Do the desk job that feeds you and gives you 20 hours to read and publish, trade stocks, futures, and options that provide for your non-essential but important expenses, engage in long-term investing in the market by using surplus funds from desk job and trading, and build a retirement portfolio in the market where you decide to eventually retire (Nepal). The plan is to continue doing all of this for at least the upcoming 7 years. By then I am sure I will have a sizable long-term portfolio and by then I will also have completed my PHD and formal education. That’s when I will marry and begin a new chapter of my life. I intend to be lucky in this new chapter as well.

I feel like I have accomplished what I started. This is a long blog, could be the longest one I have ever written. I am proud of reaching here. See, it brings a unique joy every time you finish something that you started. It brings further joy when you accomplish, in one sitting, what you start.

Onto the next job! Finishing 2 papers on BU455. Let’s see if I can reach the 4th paper today.

I want to thank Eichiaro Oda and Kozuki Oden for the motivation I currently have. The recent episodes of One Piece- my personal favorites are the ones involving Roger, Oden, and Whitebeard– have taught me how important it is to work on your over-arching goals. There are milestones that need to be achieved and each one of them is equally important. Consistently submitting papers and having a good GPA are these milestones for now. The upcoming week, I will not engage in any sort of trading activities. I will stay away from home, into secluded places where there is minimal disturbance, and I will finish all the papers within the coming 1 week. This is going to be the greatest challenge I have ever faced, and I’m sure I will face a lot of hardships and energy drain and fading of the willingness to work. I expect to blow my mind and prepare myself for the next chapter of my life, i.e. the summer CAPEX and publishing which will eventually land me a position in one of the most competitive institute of higher learning where I will put these skills of doing intense work continuously to test. Right now, I am only writing things sprouting in my mind, and I’m having a hard time doing even that. In the next 7 days, things will have changed. I will have developed a new level os stress-test on my mind. I am prepared for it!



P.S. In the end, I want to further emphasize the importance of completion of my papers within the upcoming week. Not a question of it, but when, When I complete these papers, of course not just on satisfactory, but excellent levels, I will have a 2-week advantage over the present me planning all of the short-term and long-term goals. My friends are graduating this semester and I need to plan a grand party. As I finish off my education requirements, I will have enough time to plan the party, and I will have a 2-week advantage of engaging in trading activities. I also want to write that I make $600 micro-trading futures in a day. I am confident I can replicate this activity with adequate levels of risk management and constant reinforcement of each trade that goes good and every trade that goes South. Is it South? I guess it is. Do the math. 500X14=7000$. That’s more than half of my tuition fees. 1 month of successful trading will put me in an extremely strong financial position. Having gotten rid of all debts and learnt valuable lessons, I will have lesser and lesser things to worry about and more and more time and energy towards fulfilling my life goals.

Working of the mind

Do you think lifting something double your weight is hard? Try learning a new concept filled with notations and symbols of the language you don’t understand. Trying stressing your mind.

The bodily stress is workable. The mental workup is fucked up. Your mind is so used to a pattern of things, it doesn’t necessarily want to adapt. But one your mind learns to adapt, and adaptation becomes a pattern of the mind, you are invincible. There is nothing your mind won’e be convinced of, and nothing your mind will not be willing to do.

These days, my mind is used to lethargy. My mind wants lethargy. I know that for sure. I feel this constant want to lie down on my bed and wander off, and not actually sleep. I know my sleeping patterns and I adhere to my sleeping patters. I still have a minimum of 4 hours before going to bed and I should be using these 4 hours to do something productive. Here is a list of things I could be doing in these 4 hours. It’s actually a list of things I should be doing

1. CAPM Paper Revision

2. Beta Paper

3. History of the Catholic Church Paper

4. World War I paper

5. Upcoming papers

6. Finance Mid-Term Report

THe list of school stuffs I need to be doing

There are at least 6 things I need to be doing and this is only half of the semester’s work. More work will follow. To do the upcoming work, I need to train my mind. Maybe eating more green vegetables and forcing my ass to sit on the room chair will help?

Anyhow, I need to work. I will begin now.

Wow my mind is trying to be sleepy. I say, “Fuck you mind”, you just need some nicotine.

5 Hobbies

So recently, I came across an Instagram reel that went like this

You need 5 hobbies

-One to make you money

One to keep you in shape

One to keep you creative

One to build your knowledge

One to evolve your mindset

An instagram reel from Daniel toni jais

This has had a profound impact on me since I came across it last night. I feel a renewed enthusiasm and will to work on each of the 5 aspects.

The next is to figure out if I already have the five. I know I have 3 to begin with, and that’s a good start compared to beginning from the scratch.

Now I plan to

Work more

Read More

Write More

Be Less Lazy

Travel more

Workout more

Plenty of time to work as I am 23 and plan to live a 100

– Me myself and I

Good strategies

I just realized that buying stocks and selling options is a good way to raise additional cash for investment purposes without having to sell your own stock. Let us examine how it would work in a created situation.

I have $1000 and I want to buy stocks of a company that I really like and I believe it has the potential to double in one year. However, the $1000 is the only money I have and I also like to trade options for fun and also because I am good at picking certain stocks. In a nutshell, my plan is to buy stocks for the long term but also have some money to play options on the short term so that I can increase some more cash without having to realize capital gains and be taxed on it.

I buy 100 units of a $10 stocks that has been in my radar ever since. Even better if the market has tanked and this stock has gone down to $5 per share. I buy 200 units of share. I am happy as I expect this $1000 investment to double and also since I will hold them for the long term, I will not have to sell it.

Now I have seen an exciting opportunity where one of the stocks I have been looking out to find a good entry spot just arrived. I want to play options on this and make money. So I do that. First, I sell 2 call options on the initial stock I own. Depending on how much money I need, I will sell the call options accordingly. If I need $500, I have the option to sell 2 long-dated call options and raise those $500. By selling these 2 covered call options, I have given the guarantee that I am willing to sell the stock at the given strike on which I raised the $500. I have also specified the time till which the contract will be valid. The longer the contract expiry time, the more the premium you initially receive. Essentially, I can raise up to 80%, even greater in some cases, of my portfolio value without actually selling a single stock. Now the proceeds from the sale of a contract, I want to use it for purposes that at least cover the cost of buying back the contract.

If I see an opportunity where I can quickly make a 200% profit by investing $500, with the above strategy, I won’t have to sell my stock. I can simply sell an option. But first, it is important to understand the natural trend of movement of the given stock. If the stock is going up, I would be cautious as to not sell call options. Why do so when I have alternatives as well. I can sell a put option and receive the credit, however, this move requires some upfront capital. So let’s start only with selling call options.

I sell my call option, receive the premium, and invest that premium in the trading opportunity I initially wanted the premium for. I make sure I am confident that this specific trading opportunity for which I have sold the option contract will in fact move in the desired direction in the desired time frame.

I buy the contract. I wait for my target level to hit. Then I sell the contract. Make a profit.

Now I analyze what’s going on in the stock on which I sold a contract. If this also moves in my desired direction, congrats to me, I actually make money on both front. If now, since I have made a significant profit with the call option I purchased, this will offset the loses incurred with buying back the sold contract. Now what do I do with the profit, I reinvest it in buying more units of the underlying I hold since I believe in the long-term prospects of this company.

Aggressively following this technique, I might be able to make a good living out of this strategy. While making a decent living, I might actually be compounding my investments, both on investment front and return front. This is a good strategy and this strategy can actually generate a million dollars with only 5k in initial investment in a decade, if done right.

I will follow this from now on. I know a professor who does this professionally. I will learn the nuances of it from him. Additional insights are for another day.


Almost Summer

Wow, it’s been long I haven’t expressed anything here. Is it because I got lazy? I’d like to think so. There is no other convincing excuse. I haven’t achieved anything significant that requires compassion, dedication and excruciating long hours of work. Nothing such. The last time was October which is a long time back, almost 5 months.

Yes, I did manage to come to the US after staying 6 long months in Nepal and yes I have begun working at the University and am in a much better shape academically than I was in Nepal. But all of this is to be taken for granted. You expect yourself to pickup the slack once the semester begins and you expect yourself to submit all assignments in time and get the best scores you can get. I have submitted assignments in time, albeit the second deadline. What’s concerning is I have only had 2 assignments since the semester began and a lot more is to arrive mid-May. May is going to screw me. But I can do it. I have always done it. Nothing new this time. But that’s not the point of this piece. I am writing this to publicly declare that I will somehow get the summer beach body before this semester ends.

So what does it require to transform your body in 3 months? Nothing excruciating actually, except for the dedication. Dedication is the only thing I need to work on. Dedication and the will to control the urge to smoke and excessively drink.

Here are the things I need to work on if I want to achieve that summer body I always wanted.

  • Increase the amount of protein intake
  • Stop smoking cigarettes
  • Control beer intake
  • Limit myself to 1 roll
  • Run one mile per day
  • Yoga and Meditation
  • Flexibility Exercise
  • Learn and practice Kalisthenics

The list is not long and I can do all of the things mentioned up there. Control myself for one week and the next week will be easier. The jay I smoked and the jay I drank yesterday are still clouding me. But I feel good. The music I am listening right now makes me feel good. The fact that I ate 3 eggs and a cup of milk this morning makes me feel good. The fact that I somehow laid my future plan while being stupid high yesterday night makes me feel good. You see, I can function good with one roll of weed and 2 bottles, max, of beer, even everyday. I just need to control the urge to smoke cigarettes. I don’t need mari, gold, draft, and pipe, all at once. I am done with pipe, now I need to control the urge to get gold.Mari and draft are good, but I need to work on controlling their intake as well. Roll, cigarette, beer, and hookah are what mari, god, draft, and pipe are.

My life is pretty much figured out. Work some, earn some, pay your tuition, excel in GRD, get into the program you desire of, do your PhD, find my other half, raise kids, get old. That’s on the person front.

I also want to leave a lasting impact in the earth, at least in Nepal. How to do that is fairly laid out as well. Have some capital, have some influence, gather your local friends from village, help spread financial literacy all over the country, achieve the target of letting everybody in Nepal know and access financial markets. If you want to achieve equality across population, the best you can do is let the population participate in the financial markets, so that everyone with a will to participate can do so. You solve poverty, hunger, and economic inequality with this. The country develops herself. As people become richer, people will care more for the society and we will be the good old Nepal, all good and beautiful, and loving.

Now that I have publicly laid out my long term, medium term, and long term, personal and public plans out, everybody is invited and encouraged to copy these good ideas and do what they can to help me make them reality all across the world. We want an equitable world. We want an equitable society. We want everybody to receive them sweet dividends, and everybody to be involved in the meme stocks as well. Nobody shall be left out, and with technology, all of this is possible.

I already feel good about myself, the day, and tomorrow. True, my mind is still clouded and I can easily sleep 2 hours if I start now, but I will not do it. Now wake that ass up, go shower, get freshened and work on achieving all of your goals and dreams.


What gets you high on information and intelligence?

Nootropics- a relatively new term I came to understand in much detail. Not that I didn’t know of its existence, I simply didn’t know what it meant in a wider extent. I knew it meant cognitive performance enhancing drugs and habits, but after watching limitless some 6 months ago, having an addiction of coffee and learning and experience what BAC ( not Bank of America of course) is and having several moments where reality seemed to fuse with imagination and the brain worked in an excessively rapid state and in a split second, the performance simply disappeared, I understand Nootropics in a different level.

Today I am experiencing a similar experience. No, my mind hasn’t stopped working, not that I know when it will happen. It will happen for sure and I wish to finish writing this and finish doing my discussion post and ponder a few before that happens. I’ll write more on what I consumed to reach here.

A cup of coffee to begin with, a bottle of beer and a single lunch and 2 eggs for the whole day. Woke up at 11, it’s 6 pm. Do I feel hungry? Not yet. It’s good I can perform in a limited diet. Actually, I work fine in a limited diet. Someday said, stay hungry, stay foolish. The foolish part, well that’s around and I sure have worked enough to stay hungry and be able to perform fucking amazing.

Do you know what it’s like to keep working until your hands start shaking? Good. That’s when you are at your peak. Let that glucose do its work. Let that- whatever it is- drug you consumed , be it coffee, weed, LSD or any other stuff, do it’s work. After all, that’s why you consumed it.

The society wants you to act in a certain way. The society wants you not to touch weed, even when you say it helps you think , it helps you do better in exam. But some baba’s poweder that enhances your thinking abilities, the society is ever willing to provide it. Now marijuana will never be some baba’s powder, not in the Indian sub-continent. We are on a different level, religiously, to our own benefit and costs. That’s a discussion for some other day.

I find my writing capacity pretty amazing. I find it amazing that ideas keep flowing in my mind, regardless of how qualitative they are. And not just a bunch of words, but things with context and proper flow. Alright, I am losing it now, however, I am listening to a rap song, the thing that I like and my brain is working and I want to fuck the brain out of my brain, let it ride, let it erode, let it cry. Have you ever experienced sweating while thinking or writing? Me neither. No you want to experience it? Me too!

Right now, I am on a different zone. I know there’s a laptop in front of me and my fingers are typing whatever my brain is thinking. I am not even seeing the keys being types, however, I know where the backspace button is and I know there are less errors in what I have written, spellingwise. There might be some. Spacing errors and some spelling errors as well.

The song’s pace changed, no more rap and this might be it for the way my brain was working. Oh wait! No. Another one comes.

Apparently, I have been forgetting to even breathe at this point. I am worried for my laptop as when I reach a zone, I tend to disregard my physical possession. I am worried I might just throw the laptop somewhere and not care for the next 5 minutes. What happens? Nothing for the next 5 minutes. However, I don’t have money to buy a new one.

Increasingly, I have begun realizing there is nothing different between an intelligent person and me. Yes, I am intelligent as well, much more intelligent I think than the majority of people I know. What’s different is the space, the level of freedom to work on what you want and not fucking care. Just work on whatever you wish. The intelligent people, they tend to have a developed and deep interest to continue working on something they are interested to learn about and explore. With me, it’s not true. That’s the only difference- the lack and the presence of a prolonged interest on the field you are working in. That’s it.

I really should go back to studying about the movie limitless and doing the discussion question. I do have a few hours. The book is interesting. Might actually read the entire chapter.



Plan of action for the coming 3 months

It’s almost the end of September – 25th to be exact. It’s been 3 months since I returned back to Nepal. In these three months, I have achieved to be only a little productive, spent quality time with the family, learn about the Nepalese Stock Market, lost a couple of hundred dollars in the US stock market and did very little to nothing productive. All that’s bad changes from Today as I come with the plan of action of paying my tuition, getting into a college and sorting the mess that I call my life.

I realize I have a borrowing capacity of $2000- that’s the money my mother is willing to give me given that I find a good investment. And I have a good investment in the back of my head. I will start working on procuring the capital and investing it. I have a few plans to turn that 2000 to a 5000 in profit, at least. 2000 with a 2X margin is 4000 and a doubling of that leads to 4000 in profit. The 4000 then returns a meager 25% and that’s 5000. With 5000 in capital, I can possibly turn that into a few thousands extra and within the coming three months, my tuition fee will have been arranged. No need to fret about it now.

Now come the 4 important things I need to do – College Courses, Grad School Preparation, Extra Learning, Newsletter Project. I have been consistent so as to procrastinate working on these. Now that college has started for the fall semester and we’re a month through, I am getting a hang of it and within a day or two will be on track with all the assignments. Getting a 4.0 this semester seems doable and that will require only 15 hours a week of my time devoted towards college studies. That leaves with at least 60 hours a week more that I need to devote to 3 things – Grad School, Extra Learning and my personal Finance Project.

No more than 2 month remains for me to prepare for and appear for the GMAT. And till today, I have no clue what GMAT even means. That means I need to work extra on learning about GMAT and the GMAT exam. A good score opens the golden door for my graduate studies, giving me 2 more years of time away from home to figure things with my life. 15 hours a week for 8 weeks, that’s 120 hours for GMAT preparation. I hope that will be enough. That has to be enough. C’mon I’m smart.

I have kept aside my wish to learn about valuation and finance and mathematics and programming for an extremely long period of time – almost 2 years – it is about time I get on with it. From today, I intend to devote 10 hours a week on learning extra skills that will help me with my education and help me learn the world better. I won’t say that will help me get a job, afterall, that’s not my plan. Things are in order – Damodaran’s valuation course, Regression Analysis on Coursera. These two are the places to begin. What’s more? These are absolutely free.

That leaves with 10+ hours a week to work on my personal projects. I recently began working on NEPSE Delta, which is intended to be a tracker of daily changes on the NEPSE. Nothing fancy, just a repetition assignments intended to help me understand a pattern how how, when, and at what time of the day does the stock market perform. I give 4 week of time on this project, devoting 40 hours of my time, this thing will give me a better understanding on timing the Nepalese stock market. Eventually, the returns are huge. Apart from Nepse Delta, I need to start working on one extra project. Something creative, something thought provoking. I feel I haven’t used my brain to a deeper extent for quite some time and I want to do it this once. Brain exercises are necessary. I need to work on gathering that year-over data from the Broker.

So that’s the plan- don’t worry about money, work on school, GRE, grad school application , NEPSE Delta, and procure the data. What’s next in order is the assignments, then procuring the $2000. Starting today, I will begin looking for grad schools and see their requirements. Tomorrow, I will start the extra courses and Sunday when the market opens, NEPSE delta will be updated. Things are in order. And it seems the execution problem won’t be much of an issue this time as things are sorted out.

Now, onto the assignments. But first, lemme freshen up!



A new day

Today, I woke up at 9 AM.

Nothing amazing about waking up at 9 AM, is there? Well. There is for me.

I had been procrastinating for quite a long time. How long you ask? 45 days. It could be more.

Why this morning feels amazing is that I feel the need and the excitement to do this thing that I have been procrastinating about. And I know my nature. I find extreme inconvenience in starting a work. However, once I start something, I delve deep into it. As the day starts with the excitement of initiation, I have this feeling today’s going to be productive. Maybe it’s time to load up on a pack of cigarettes. You know how it works, right? Work and Cigarettes.

As I woke up, I got freshened up, had a bottle of warm water and worked to fix my internet connection. After Atish paid the dues, the internet began working. It was already 9:28 and it was time to wake Keyush up for his 9:30 AM Nepali class. He loves this one class and thus showed very little hesitation while waking up. Otherwise, you know how kids are about schools and classes. I washed his face, tuned his laptop for that Meets arrangement and gave him a glass of water to drink. After briefly singing the National Anthem, I moved downstairs, made myself a cuppa coffee and got some cookies. It’s 9:56AM now and it’s almost the closing of this blog post.

I have got some ideas I will work on today. I’ll start working on my planned newsletter/website, consult with my professors regarding my temporary residence in a different timezone from the one they’re teaching in. Also, I got this idea to recruit a few kids in high school who are interested in Economics/Finance and teach them things the good way. I might start preparing a syllabus for these kids today. And I don’t even have the kids enrolled. I’m just hoping laying it all out, someone will approach.

So that’s about it. Today’s gonna be a good day and waking up at 9 AM in the morning is definitely going to be helpful. Now as my mother comes downstairs after finishing her puja, I’ll go upstairs and smoke a cigarette. Also, these mosquitoes are killing me.


Writer’s block

I was of the opinion that writer’s block holds true only for creative writing. However, today has made me realized that writer’s block is fucking everywhere- if you haven’t written anything substantial in the last few months.

I have been trying to do some typing, not the creative type though. Since most of the Q4 reports of publicly listed companies are out by today, I am trying to compile them and make articles on how they have performed compared to themselves YoY and with their competitors.

However, I am having this kind of writer’s block, or simply laziness, that’s making it difficult to begin with. It’s simple- find a company’s report, make a excel sheet of the Income statement and the balance sheet, compare with last year’s result, follow the process for all the available companies, give some analysis. Next thing you know, you have 50 articles ready for publication.

Now is the best time to work my ass off and create simple yet informative content for the Newsletter’s starting. 40-50 articles, if revolved around 100 people, can generate thousands of pageviews each day. Then comes the creative and further addition of simple yet informative content as days go on. By the end of the next six months, I can have a couple of advertisers and a couple hundred grands in earnings.

My big plans could come true, if only I did not experience this fucking Writer’s block or something.

Now that I have put some grease to the brain with this blog post, I will try making some content. The goal is to achieve 10 articles by tonight. Let’s see. I need some beer.