What gets you high on information and intelligence?

Nootropics- a relatively new term I came to understand in much detail. Not that I didn’t know of its existence, I simply didn’t know what it meant in a wider extent. I knew it meant cognitive performance enhancing drugs and habits, but after watching limitless some 6 months ago, having an addiction of coffee and learning and experience what BAC ( not Bank of America of course) is and having several moments where reality seemed to fuse with imagination and the brain worked in an excessively rapid state and in a split second, the performance simply disappeared, I understand Nootropics in a different level.

Today I am experiencing a similar experience. No, my mind hasn’t stopped working, not that I know when it will happen. It will happen for sure and I wish to finish writing this and finish doing my discussion post and ponder a few before that happens. I’ll write more on what I consumed to reach here.

A cup of coffee to begin with, a bottle of beer and a single lunch and 2 eggs for the whole day. Woke up at 11, it’s 6 pm. Do I feel hungry? Not yet. It’s good I can perform in a limited diet. Actually, I work fine in a limited diet. Someday said, stay hungry, stay foolish. The foolish part, well that’s around and I sure have worked enough to stay hungry and be able to perform fucking amazing.

Do you know what it’s like to keep working until your hands start shaking? Good. That’s when you are at your peak. Let that glucose do its work. Let that- whatever it is- drug you consumed , be it coffee, weed, LSD or any other stuff, do it’s work. After all, that’s why you consumed it.

The society wants you to act in a certain way. The society wants you not to touch weed, even when you say it helps you think , it helps you do better in exam. But some baba’s poweder that enhances your thinking abilities, the society is ever willing to provide it. Now marijuana will never be some baba’s powder, not in the Indian sub-continent. We are on a different level, religiously, to our own benefit and costs. That’s a discussion for some other day.

I find my writing capacity pretty amazing. I find it amazing that ideas keep flowing in my mind, regardless of how qualitative they are. And not just a bunch of words, but things with context and proper flow. Alright, I am losing it now, however, I am listening to a rap song, the thing that I like and my brain is working and I want to fuck the brain out of my brain, let it ride, let it erode, let it cry. Have you ever experienced sweating while thinking or writing? Me neither. No you want to experience it? Me too!

Right now, I am on a different zone. I know there’s a laptop in front of me and my fingers are typing whatever my brain is thinking. I am not even seeing the keys being types, however, I know where the backspace button is and I know there are less errors in what I have written, spellingwise. There might be some. Spacing errors and some spelling errors as well.

The song’s pace changed, no more rap and this might be it for the way my brain was working. Oh wait! No. Another one comes.

Apparently, I have been forgetting to even breathe at this point. I am worried for my laptop as when I reach a zone, I tend to disregard my physical possession. I am worried I might just throw the laptop somewhere and not care for the next 5 minutes. What happens? Nothing for the next 5 minutes. However, I don’t have money to buy a new one.

Increasingly, I have begun realizing there is nothing different between an intelligent person and me. Yes, I am intelligent as well, much more intelligent I think than the majority of people I know. What’s different is the space, the level of freedom to work on what you want and not fucking care. Just work on whatever you wish. The intelligent people, they tend to have a developed and deep interest to continue working on something they are interested to learn about and explore. With me, it’s not true. That’s the only difference- the lack and the presence of a prolonged interest on the field you are working in. That’s it.

I really should go back to studying about the movie limitless and doing the discussion question. I do have a few hours. The book is interesting. Might actually read the entire chapter.



Plan of action for the coming 3 months

It’s almost the end of September – 25th to be exact. It’s been 3 months since I returned back to Nepal. In these three months, I have achieved to be only a little productive, spent quality time with the family, learn about the Nepalese Stock Market, lost a couple of hundred dollars in the US stock market and did very little to nothing productive. All that’s bad changes from Today as I come with the plan of action of paying my tuition, getting into a college and sorting the mess that I call my life.

I realize I have a borrowing capacity of $2000- that’s the money my mother is willing to give me given that I find a good investment. And I have a good investment in the back of my head. I will start working on procuring the capital and investing it. I have a few plans to turn that 2000 to a 5000 in profit, at least. 2000 with a 2X margin is 4000 and a doubling of that leads to 4000 in profit. The 4000 then returns a meager 25% and that’s 5000. With 5000 in capital, I can possibly turn that into a few thousands extra and within the coming three months, my tuition fee will have been arranged. No need to fret about it now.

Now come the 4 important things I need to do – College Courses, Grad School Preparation, Extra Learning, Newsletter Project. I have been consistent so as to procrastinate working on these. Now that college has started for the fall semester and we’re a month through, I am getting a hang of it and within a day or two will be on track with all the assignments. Getting a 4.0 this semester seems doable and that will require only 15 hours a week of my time devoted towards college studies. That leaves with at least 60 hours a week more that I need to devote to 3 things – Grad School, Extra Learning and my personal Finance Project.

No more than 2 month remains for me to prepare for and appear for the GMAT. And till today, I have no clue what GMAT even means. That means I need to work extra on learning about GMAT and the GMAT exam. A good score opens the golden door for my graduate studies, giving me 2 more years of time away from home to figure things with my life. 15 hours a week for 8 weeks, that’s 120 hours for GMAT preparation. I hope that will be enough. That has to be enough. C’mon I’m smart.

I have kept aside my wish to learn about valuation and finance and mathematics and programming for an extremely long period of time – almost 2 years – it is about time I get on with it. From today, I intend to devote 10 hours a week on learning extra skills that will help me with my education and help me learn the world better. I won’t say that will help me get a job, afterall, that’s not my plan. Things are in order – Damodaran’s valuation course, Regression Analysis on Coursera. These two are the places to begin. What’s more? These are absolutely free.

That leaves with 10+ hours a week to work on my personal projects. I recently began working on NEPSE Delta, which is intended to be a tracker of daily changes on the NEPSE. Nothing fancy, just a repetition assignments intended to help me understand a pattern how how, when, and at what time of the day does the stock market perform. I give 4 week of time on this project, devoting 40 hours of my time, this thing will give me a better understanding on timing the Nepalese stock market. Eventually, the returns are huge. Apart from Nepse Delta, I need to start working on one extra project. Something creative, something thought provoking. I feel I haven’t used my brain to a deeper extent for quite some time and I want to do it this once. Brain exercises are necessary. I need to work on gathering that year-over data from the Broker.

So that’s the plan- don’t worry about money, work on school, GRE, grad school application , NEPSE Delta, and procure the data. What’s next in order is the assignments, then procuring the $2000. Starting today, I will begin looking for grad schools and see their requirements. Tomorrow, I will start the extra courses and Sunday when the market opens, NEPSE delta will be updated. Things are in order. And it seems the execution problem won’t be much of an issue this time as things are sorted out.

Now, onto the assignments. But first, lemme freshen up!



A new day

Today, I woke up at 9 AM.

Nothing amazing about waking up at 9 AM, is there? Well. There is for me.

I had been procrastinating for quite a long time. How long you ask? 45 days. It could be more.

Why this morning feels amazing is that I feel the need and the excitement to do this thing that I have been procrastinating about. And I know my nature. I find extreme inconvenience in starting a work. However, once I start something, I delve deep into it. As the day starts with the excitement of initiation, I have this feeling today’s going to be productive. Maybe it’s time to load up on a pack of cigarettes. You know how it works, right? Work and Cigarettes.

As I woke up, I got freshened up, had a bottle of warm water and worked to fix my internet connection. After Atish paid the dues, the internet began working. It was already 9:28 and it was time to wake Keyush up for his 9:30 AM Nepali class. He loves this one class and thus showed very little hesitation while waking up. Otherwise, you know how kids are about schools and classes. I washed his face, tuned his laptop for that Meets arrangement and gave him a glass of water to drink. After briefly singing the National Anthem, I moved downstairs, made myself a cuppa coffee and got some cookies. It’s 9:56AM now and it’s almost the closing of this blog post.

I have got some ideas I will work on today. I’ll start working on my planned newsletter/website, consult with my professors regarding my temporary residence in a different timezone from the one they’re teaching in. Also, I got this idea to recruit a few kids in high school who are interested in Economics/Finance and teach them things the good way. I might start preparing a syllabus for these kids today. And I don’t even have the kids enrolled. I’m just hoping laying it all out, someone will approach.

So that’s about it. Today’s gonna be a good day and waking up at 9 AM in the morning is definitely going to be helpful. Now as my mother comes downstairs after finishing her puja, I’ll go upstairs and smoke a cigarette. Also, these mosquitoes are killing me.


Writer’s block

I was of the opinion that writer’s block holds true only for creative writing. However, today has made me realized that writer’s block is fucking everywhere- if you haven’t written anything substantial in the last few months.

I have been trying to do some typing, not the creative type though. Since most of the Q4 reports of publicly listed companies are out by today, I am trying to compile them and make articles on how they have performed compared to themselves YoY and with their competitors.

However, I am having this kind of writer’s block, or simply laziness, that’s making it difficult to begin with. It’s simple- find a company’s report, make a excel sheet of the Income statement and the balance sheet, compare with last year’s result, follow the process for all the available companies, give some analysis. Next thing you know, you have 50 articles ready for publication.

Now is the best time to work my ass off and create simple yet informative content for the Newsletter’s starting. 40-50 articles, if revolved around 100 people, can generate thousands of pageviews each day. Then comes the creative and further addition of simple yet informative content as days go on. By the end of the next six months, I can have a couple of advertisers and a couple hundred grands in earnings.

My big plans could come true, if only I did not experience this fucking Writer’s block or something.

Now that I have put some grease to the brain with this blog post, I will try making some content. The goal is to achieve 10 articles by tonight. Let’s see. I need some beer.



PRPL is the way to go

$PRPL stands for Purple mattress.

Let’s see how straight the drunk talk goes.

I have 1 contract on Purple.

I know Purple’s products are the best and they have been doing a hell of a good job in making their products awesome.

The stock has risen by 40%+ in the last month or so.

It’s consolidating at this point, but I am buying calls.

I am planning on doubling down at the price of $300 per call at the strike and expiry I want.

I gotta talk with my partner first. Then only I can proceed.

But the rewards seem huge.

It is always the case with risk/reward ratio. The risks are huge too.

Should I not double down? It comes to my mind.

But then again, the rewards are huge.

I am looking at a 300%+ profit margin by the time the earnings arrive.

Let’s hope that happens.

Roll the Roller Blades

Now that swimming is out of question as cases are rising and there’s a high chance of the Kathmandu Valley going into a second lockdown/curfew, I gotta pick up something new to learn/relearn. What came immediately to my mind is Roller Blades.

I still know the basics of roller blades as I practiced on those shoes with wheels for 1 year during the 7th grade. The school I attended -RIBS- later on went to play on the Roller Blade World Cup and I was also one of the in-house trainees; no, I didn’t play in the world cup. I might have been a different person today, had I done so. Regardless, I still know the basics of it. How can I tell? I successfully skated in the ice-ring, even though I tried it after God knows how long- maybe 10 years. And that was only 5-6 months ago.

Swimming and Roller Skates are the two sports I might die trying. I can’t run, I can’t high jump. Heck, I can’t even hike a hill. Tried and failed miserably just 4 days ago. But Roller Blades and Swimming, I can do it all day. I succeed in generating energy/stamina from out of nowhere when it comes to these two sports, so I should pursue them. Not that I want to be a national player. I just want to be able to outrun a bear with my skates on.

Within this week or the next, I’m gonna get myself a pair of Roller Skates and try then on the houses’ terrace for a few days. Then comes the hunt for a skate park or a basketball court. I know somebody who plays basketball nearby home. I might arrange an hour of skate time in the park for a small fee- even better if I get it for free.

Now, the next thing that I need to get better at is writing. It’s not good to have a faster typing speed than your thinking speed. I need to start reading more and I need to start writing more. That begins today. Not that I’ll guarantee a blogpost tomorrow. But soon.




Learning the Art of Valuation

Starting today, I will learn the course on valuation put forward by Prof. Aswath Damodaran. I have been eyeing this course for almost 1 year and now it is high time I begin learning it.

Valuation is one of the skills that I wish to perfect. By the time I complete the course in valuation, I want to be able to value about anything. I wish to start a valuation firm within a few years.

This post marks the initiation of this long and hopefully exciting journey.

Let’s begin.




This blog post began with a mistake in the spelling of Quarantine. Apparently there’s an “a” and not two “e”s, you know where.

It’s been some time I have’t written here. The last time was when I was drunk, thought myself to be on BAC (not Bank of America, of course), and had some idea on measuring return of a trend against the EMH. A lot has changed since then. For example, I never programmed my trend against EMH. Honestly, I don’t even know how to do it. BAC, The Bank of America this time, saw an almost 40% drop in its stock price and the entire stock market shed more than 30% in a matter of a week in what was the biggest drop ever in the market’s history.

The last time I wrote a blog post, university was open, Coronavirus had just entered America and COVID-19 wasn’t yet a household name. Since then, more than 100,00 people have died, more than 1.5 million are infected and the entire world seems to be in a halt. Catastrophe does really come in different forms and this one, I believe, is the worst humanity has ever seen. Can you imagine countries being locked down and billions of people not being able to move wherever they want. Now, of course, I don’t want to see people moving around at these trying times, but could you imagine this happening in regular times? Of course not. This is the magnitude shown only in the movies. Just imagine if COVID-19 had an 25-30% mortality rate like in the movie “contagion”, or even worse, a 50% average mortality rate like Ebola had.

Q1 2020 is officially a lost quarter and it seems likely the year 2020 will be seen as a lost year in history books. Maybe something similar to the dark ages. Maybe someday when I will become a history/ economics/economic history professor, I will be sharing an anecdotal insight about 2020 to make the course material interesting. That’s a maybe if I come out of this pandemic unscathed, physically, economically, and psychologically. The United States had almost 30% of all COVID-19 cases in the world, and that happened in a matter of less than a month. Do you know how long it takes for 500,000 people to get infected? Take a guess. It’s less than 40 days. Do you know how easy it is for tens of thousands of people to die prematurely, even if they are in their 70s or 80s? It’s very easy. We saw how easy it is with this virus. All you need to do is first, deny there’s anything to worry about, and once shit hits the fan, try to save the stock market rather than utilizing the power yielded at these times to prepare better facilities so that when shit hits the fan again, in some years from now, you become well-equipped to tackle it. America handled it the worst. Things could have been much better here. What we called underdeveloped countries in terms of economy and other metric did better. Just look at Nepal. Not a single death, which I hope will remain constant until the virus woes end.

There are of-course countries that did an excellent job even at overwhelming times like these. Germany is the best example. The country has more than 120,000 people infected and there’s less than 2% mortality rate with 40,000+ people recovered already. That’s what happens when you prepare your country for the worst. I vividly remember Chancellor Merkel saying more than 50% of the population will likely be infected with the virus. When you describe an a pandemic as a pandemic even before it’s declared a pandemic, people will listen. Everybody wants to live. Everybody deserves to live.

Now there are countries like Italy who I feel sorry for, from the bottom of my heart. When a country has to decide who to be saved and who to be left to die, nothing can go worse than that. A dear fried of mine is in Italy and says it’s still not returned to normal. She says it probably will not for at least some months.

Then again, there are also the likes of The United Kingdom who were so confident that their models were the best and could not be faulted, until they did. The UK, just like the US, could have prevented this chaos. The trajectory of new cases is the UK is alarming and it’s still got some time to peak. On top of that, the Prime Minister is in critical condition because he got infected with the virus. He’s finally able to do “short walks” after coming out of the ICU.

While each day feels like it will become the peak and things will start winding up from here, there’s news of death and new infections breaking the records set past the previous day. I remember when 100 new infections in China looked alarming. Today, seeing 10,000 new cases and 1000 new deaths does not surprise me. It’s the stats of just one of the many infected countries, after all. Death tolls reached 2000 per day in the US alone. On top that that, Florida is yet to be hit hard. So is Texas.

In the midst of this Chaos, there’s some hope as well. People coming out in their balconies to sing with their neighbors, inspiring works of health professionals, Dr. Fauci’s  warm words, Tik-Toks, and even seeing people in the nearby grocery stores not trying to hoard food, water, and sanitary products has me thinking that we can come out of this being better. God bless all the health workers who have been tirelessly working risking their lives so that others’ can be saved. God bless grocery stores that decided to stay open, not jack up prices and provide food, even to those who couldn’t afford it. God bless everybody who helped in any way possible in these trying times.

Next comes what am I doing. I have been in Quarantine for a month now, have a 4 hour-a-week shift at the university and did almost nothing, I rephrase, nothing productive, till yesterday. The first 2 days of Quarantine were okay, the next 7 unbearable, and then it slowly became adjustable. I have acquired a credit card, just in case my cash reserves finish and this thing doesn’t wind up in 2 months or so. It took me a month of doing absolutely nothing, drinking, eating pizza and other junk, and losing money playing cards to realize that if I don’t come out of this Quarantine learning a few skills, brushing up my writing abilities, reading books and being prepared to apply for my Masters, it’ll mean that I absolutely lack any discipline at all, and time economy really is not the thing preventing me to learn something new. At this point, I don’t regret that I lost a month; I rejoice that I came back to my senses.

I started working on ” Machine Learning in Finance” in Coursera this morning and am halfway through the first week of the series. I plan on finishing 4 months worth of learning by the time my $1.99 trial expires.

I also began doing Calisthenic exercises. Pushups, Pull-ups, Sit-ups, Hand Stands and a few more. It was difficult 4 days ago but today I really enjoyed it. I’ll be pushing my limits every day and try getting that summer body I always wanted.

Writing exercises begin with this blog post. It took me 2 hours to write 1200 words and I wrote after a long time. I won’t write everyday, but I will try maintaining a routine- maybe once a week?

There are a few pieces of literature in economics, agriculture, medicine and politics that I want to finish reading. After completion of each of them, I will write a blog post. Currently, I am reading “Never Out of Season” by Rob Dunn. Tomorrow, I will begin reading Marx’s “The Communist Manifesto”.

Since formal education is the goal of utmost importance in my life, I will begin delving deeper into college textbooks and assignment, and start reasoning and understanding as much material as I can. This Quarantine gives me the opportunity to nag my professors- who are very helpful by the way- as much as I want. I will begin working on some unfinished college essays and assignment and re-read all coursework material.

I will start looking for universities and scholarships to apply for my Masters’ education. I am undecided on whether I will study Economics, Finance, Economic History or maybe even Law, but I know it will be one of the four. The lowest possibility is with Law and the highest is with Finance. But I really want to study Economic History and there’s only a few university that offer it. I’ll start looking more towards this.

Finally, I will writing essays for scholarships to finish the last year of my Bachelors’ degree at Caldwell University. I am certain I won’t be able to pay for the tuition myself and I don’t want to talk loan at high interest or ask money from my parents, unless I really have to. The best way would be to apply for tens or maybe even hundreds of available scholarships and see if I can get a few. Every dollar helps at this point, especially if it is a thousand.

So there it is. Everything I wanted to write. Everything I had in my mind. I wrote so much that my palms hurt. My hand hurts as well. My body is still active and so is my mind. Maybe it’s the Calisthenics at work. Regardless, it’s time to sleep. It’s not everyday that I get to sleep 10 hours a day. Oh wait, it is!



How I think BAC works

Now, BAC is not Bank of America. It’s Blood Alcohol Content.

Of course, I haven’t read a lot, not even quite a little more. Of course, I know what BAC means by experience because I’ve been drunk a lot of times. Just look at the drunk diaries category and you’ll know.

When BAC is high, your brain starts working in a weird way, that’s the only way I can explain it.

I start thinking about the golden ration (3/2 , i guess), market strategies( of course I won’t tell you what strategies I am working about). I’m not that drunk, I’m only on BAC. Maybe we can make memes out of it.

But yeah, BAC gives you a new high. I have written papers on it, I have written blogs, watched videos and read books and have got a lot of ideas. My recent idea you say, assign a variable to a trend and assign another value to a return of EMH. Compare and see if Efficient Market Hypothesis does really happen. Of course, somebody else has already done it. Doesn’t mean they’ve used the indicator I’m planning on using. I might make a new one.